Propertyapp is created for building/construction companies and provides after-sales services.

Modern and flexible software perfectly adapts to the trends of technology development.
Allows you to monitor projects and have constant access to each resident.

Power of Propertyapp

The software is designed to get the job done at the highest quality and get the best results.

Includes all the necessary details about the apartments.

Helps you to easily monitor contracts, and utilities online.

Receive information about payment dates and important changes by automatic SMS.

Power of Propertyapp
Manage your process better

Manage your process better

Propertyapp includes an unlimited number of locations and projects.

Gives you access to e-mail and SMS about issues reported in the call center.

The software is designed to fix any problem quickly and easily.

Any issue in the apartments will be transferred to the appropriate service through the fault detection module.

Allows you to get to know your customers better.

It helps to communicate openly and clearly with residents, and answer all their questions.