Software for your better future

Software for your better future

In the world of technology, it’s hard to imagine working without electronic devices. Fortunately, these useful gadgets are designed to make our work more leisurely.
The software embedded in them gives us a chance to increase the chance of business success faster and to win the heart of the customer with the quality of work.
To run a successful company, it’s important to use the right software to help you predict and reduce costs.
Well, imagine all the necessary processes, which ensure the productive work of your company, combined in one small space – including incoming calls throughout the day, cost accounting, elimination of problematic issues, and many others.
The right software allows us to manage our business without spending much time and energy.

Webapp products simplify all processes
In the Webapp team, we worked hard to create software with a comfortable interface with the help of modern technologies.
Our programs currently support salons, construction companies, and dental clinics.
It helps in rapid development and does not allow to lag constantly changing processes.

If you own any of the businesses listed above, I’ll share a lot of interesting and useful information about our software.
So, let me introduce you to Dentalapp, which was created to support dental clinics and simplify their work.
The software allows us to perform work more productively and comfortably. Through it, we can control any process – from booking to visits and treatments.

Dentalapp features many useful modules, which focus on better results, and integrates both internal technical and external labs to help you describe all digital processes.
The dental clinic software will not fail to charm you with its electronic prescription module. Through it, doctors can prescribe any medicine to patients online.
Dentalapp allows you to use the Visiography module to describe and test the radiography process.
Our developed software simplifies the process of inventory management and the description of drugs or equipment.
So, if you own a dental clinic and want to use your valuable time properly and effectively to develop your business, Dentalapp is made for you.

Salons and beauty centers were not left behind by Webapp, so Beautyapp was created to support their work.
People visit salons every day, for various procedures. Controlling incoming bookings, revenues, employee salaries, or other internal processes throughout the day is a time-consuming and lengthy process.

Beautyapp salon program combines all the modules necessary for their proper operation. The software allows you to plan and implement all the necessary processes, starting from the reservation call, and ending with the visit and procedures.

And What other benefits does Beautyapp have?
If gaining customer loyalty is your priority, then you will also know that offering a convenient and fast service will steal their hearts.
Convenient and correct software is a full guarantee of this.

As for finances, controlling statistics and turnover history through our modules will not take much time.

Finally, I will introduce you to the best partner of construction/construction companies – Propertyapp.
Any post-sales process is completed quickly and qualitatively through Property Management.
All the company’s projects, residences, residents, and owners are collected in the program. It also details such details as the square footage of the house, floor, door number, and others.
With the help of Propertyapp modules, you will never miss your annual service or utility bills. The built-in automatic SMS/Email system constantly alerts the homeowner not only about bills but also about various important changes.
Property management allows you to quickly and effortlessly eliminate any problem. Any problem in the apartments is transferred to the relevant service through the fault detection module.
Our software gives you access to email and SMS messages about issues reported to the call center.

Raise credibility
If you own a developing/construction company, it is necessary to know the customers, their wishes, and requirements.
Property Management ensures constant communication and open, clear communication with each resident.

Create unique custom software for your business
Any type of business, large or small, needs software that will facilitate the management of important processes.Webapp works to make your business’s path to success easier.